The Normandy Landings Puts Leadership Decisions Into Perspective.

Have you ever told an employee to take on an assignment that will probably end in their death?

As we move through our day its important to put our daily grind into perspective.  74 years ago today hundreds of leaders made a decision to send their men into a fight that they would not survive.  The beaches of Normandy were a known strong hold for the enemy and the Service members who took that beach did not have the upper hand.

As you ponder over the challenges of your day remember what is important to you, your organization, and most importantly to your employees.  Leadership is tough but most of us will never know the fear of riding in a landing craft full of your employees knowing you will never speak to them again.

Thank a Veteran, a Police Officer, or a Fireman – they have made decisions many can’t imagine.

Perspective is everything.

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